Apr. 4th, 2016

ACPT 2016

Apr. 4th, 2016 07:38 am
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Placements so far:
05     196/455  43%
06     166/498  33%
07     204/698  29%
08      98/699   14%
09     134/684  19%
10     110/644  17%
11      84/655   12%
12     59/586   10% (from here, pre-adjustment %iles)
13     88/573    15%
14    100/580   17%
15    189/567   33%
16     89/597 15%
Solo again this year, mom electing to stay home and wait for Lollapuzzoola. Several people asked after her, especially Dave and Steve. I drove down Friday afternoon, Friday night the CT group went out for steak dinner (includine Loren Muse Smith now from WV). The Friday night game was an especially good suite from Eric Berlin, an escape room game. Our group (me, Jesse Lanssen, Loren) finished about fourteenth of thirty. (Tyler took first place as a solo). I played Connection on Andy Kravis' team, not much help until the final group (roes!) I was feeling the onset of a cold so didn't stay up too late that night.

Saturday the cold was getting worse. I had breakfast downstairs with Dave and Bob, also Damien Allen. (Thanks, Bob) Puzzle one  was a bit harder this year; puzzle two (T's in clues and answers) a bit easier, puzzle 3 (censored tv titles) was fun. For lunch we tried to go to the burger place but it was crowded, so went to PF Chang's instead. Puzzle 4 (literal symbols) went well, and I aced puzzle 5 (passing lanes), puzzle 6 usual relaxing, but that's where I made my mistake this year. I bought a book of Friday crosswords, and Longo's long crossword, and a kid's book mom requested. I didn't do well on the crossword animals game. For dinner our group went to the burger place again with better luck, I sat with Tereza d'andrade as well as Bob Kern and Loren. The evening program included group play of Idiot Test, and a couple testaments to the late Merl Reagle, including a man's touching discussion of a crossword Merl had made for his ill wife, and Wordplay outtakes/raw footage from Patrick Creadon.  No games for me this year.

Sunday I slept terribly, and was up early enough for breakfast with the above, plus Glen (thanks, Dave). Puzzle 7 went smoothly (anagram book titles). Talent show was okay, included a moth-type story about a woman showing her grandfather that she could do crosswords. Tyer Hinman did not make the finals this year. It was Barkin, Plotkin, and Feyer, and Barkin won by a comfortable margin, hooray! And home to a snow-rimed cape.


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