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Went to Belfast with KB, CstM, CM. Won the first, lost the next two, can't win when no one (including me) can get the weight right; and I miscalled the broom a few times, and Karin has difficulty calling the line. Theme was Fiesta, I won a Chia head in the trivia contest, we left before the pinata. Cape teams got into all three final events (although I think none won). Snow slowed our drive home once again.
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Played with MM, Dr D, and AD. Lost one big (to the first event winners), won one big (to the newbie team), lost a close one (to the 2nd event winners and bickerers). But we won overall, since I didn't have to drive in during a snow storm. Knees both aching after all this. Then we lost on Phil's Sunday night team.

Dave and Meghan are in Russia, doing well in the world wheelchair curling championships.

Blizzard two weeks ago. I lost power for 36 hours (97% of the town lost power). The following day the in house temperature got to 51 degrees and I decided that was too cold, ended up holing up with the Benedicts (power, extra bed, and parking space). The GNCC mixed seniors went on as usual at the club.
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Stupid spellchecker deleted my entry and have to type it again...I'll live with the misspellings.  SO, last week we were at a bonspiel in Natick.  I skipped, and SW, KB, and JH were on my team.  No practice, little accuracy, cockamamie strategy, the first two teams beat us but didn't make the finals, our fourth game we won by a measure in the eighth end, and we got into the third event.  After the piping and Drambouie we were roundly beaten by the Icemakers, but we had the best score of the losing teams in the finals.  Our overall w/l rate was 2-3, which should put us last of the finalists (the fourth event runners-up would have been 3-2) which just goes to show that curling draws make little sense.   And I had a good time with the girls.
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In our clubs first annual (?) fall bonspiel, our team (RG, me, MH, and WS) took the third event.  And we beat a bunch of folks in wheelchairs to do it, including one guy who'd only had about two hours of training.  Go us!  Some folks in the next sheet over were making jokes that we were violating the ADA, as we almost skunked them.  Happily they took the last round.  Seriously, they must have played better in the other games to get that far (three other wins, one loss).  Our game the day before at 8am wasn't anything to write home about either.  Generally a successful tournament, next year I'm expecting more outside teams to play (and maybe we'll have more subs.  I know I caught my laryngitis from someone playing and serving food who should have been home in bed.)  And hooray, I won the award for the most words made out of a phrase.  I would have been upset if someone else had won that!  They'll know better than to run that kind of contest around me again.  For the record, I had ~350 words from a phrase of seventeen letters, including etaonrsh. 


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