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I went to the police station yesterday, and they'd found my stuff! Most of it, minus Mimi's charm. Including the Olympic Swatch, red/blue broken necklace, some pins, buttons, seashells, Pop's sword, an expired drivers license. Most if it wet (the Toledo pendant may be ruined). In a duffel bag, found by the side of the road. It's all being held in the evidence locker, until they get the results back on the fingerprinting (another month!) and decide if they're charging someone.

I also went to a Toastmaster's meeting this week, rocked for the first half of trivia at Liam Maguire's, learned about marijuana prescribing, and presented my quilts at the Southport quilt weekend at Lynn Vigeant's request.
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I did my Portugal river trip the last week in July, came back the beginning of August. Then the next weekend I went to NYC for Lollapuzzoola. Spent the next weekend on call, went to craft fair; the next weekend won trivia at the curling club (with Diane, Matina, and Levi) and watched the Hugo awards. Robbery.The next weekend went to Washington DC (by Acela) for the big football game, saw most of the Washington cousins and most of the Fontanas. Mom and Dad and I stayed at the Kuehls. Lots of family get together; went to see the new DC memorials.

So far in September--book club; trivia, won twice at BBC in the Heights; Dedham for lectures, going to Primed tomorrow. Finally saw Her, Grand Budapest; last month saw Guardians of the Galaxy, Pacific Rim, Journey of 100 Steps. Signed up for boards. Got my lights all fixed. Said goodbye to Brandy and Steve (going to Mississippi).

Days spent basking on beach this summer: zero. Although I went to watch a few sunsets.
Needing more exercise.


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