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ACPT rankings

05 196/455 43%
06 166/498 33%
07 204/698 29%
08 98/699 14%
09 134/684 19%
10 110/644 17%
11 84/655 12%
12 59/586 10% (from here, pre-adjustment %iles)
13 88/573 15%
14 100/580 17%
15 189/567 33%
16 89/597 15%
17 97/620 15%

ACPT 2017

Mar. 26th, 2017 10:39 pm
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Exciting finals once again--I paid little attention to the C finals; the B finalists seemed to struggle, and we found out after that they had been given the A level clues. Tyler zoomed through the puzzles but had an error (the first in his finals?) and Dan took the trophy again. Dr Fill came in 10th place this year. I came in 97th! I beat Steve and Laura, and took 6th in New England. Mom did fairly well, 8th best of her age group.

I had one error, this time in the first puzzle. Took the pressure off! Puzzles were MI; lose a T; elements; body parts; recombinant DNA; baseball; companies.

Arrived Friday afternoon; checked in, then found Mom with the CT gang in the bar, we had been given different rooms. Eventually got it figured out. Went for dinner at Cheesecake Factory, then back for the choose-a-puzzle activity (I did diagramless and marching bands puzzles). There was also the 2nd palindrome contest going on.
Day 2 we went off to Chef's diner for breakfast, including shanghaing Glen with us. Crowded room, 620 competing. Pretty standard puzzles; after my error things sailed pretty smoothly (I had a better time with the elements than others, although I stumbled on Mc). Went for lunch with Randy and Claire and others at the burger bar. I was able to get #5's gimmick with about ten minutes left, helped me get the NE section. For dinner the lot of us went to Capital Grille again for an expensive steak dinner. Saturday evening activites were palindromes, Q&A trivia, Manny Nosowsky winning the Merl Reagle memorial. I played some Codenames, ten went off to bed.


Nov. 16th, 2016 12:48 pm
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So the election ended up being a painful bust this year and the future is looking a bit dim right now, but several good things did happen.

I did well at the ACPT (see below).
One of my curling teams (Sunday night, I viced) came in second place for the league.
I won a second prize for cross stitching at the county fair (hear/see/speak no evil frogs)
Mom and I won second prize (and a trophy! woohoo!) at the Lollapuzzoola in August.
I did a Caribbean cruise, with Maria.
I went to a garnet mine in the Adirondacks.
I sat out on the beach three times!

ACPT 2016

Apr. 4th, 2016 07:38 am
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Placements so far:
05     196/455  43%
06     166/498  33%
07     204/698  29%
08      98/699   14%
09     134/684  19%
10     110/644  17%
11      84/655   12%
12     59/586   10% (from here, pre-adjustment %iles)
13     88/573    15%
14    100/580   17%
15    189/567   33%
16     89/597 15%
Solo again this year, mom electing to stay home and wait for Lollapuzzoola. Several people asked after her, especially Dave and Steve. I drove down Friday afternoon, Friday night the CT group went out for steak dinner (includine Loren Muse Smith now from WV). The Friday night game was an especially good suite from Eric Berlin, an escape room game. Our group (me, Jesse Lanssen, Loren) finished about fourteenth of thirty. (Tyler took first place as a solo). I played Connection on Andy Kravis' team, not much help until the final group (roes!) I was feeling the onset of a cold so didn't stay up too late that night.

Saturday the cold was getting worse. I had breakfast downstairs with Dave and Bob, also Damien Allen. (Thanks, Bob) Puzzle one  was a bit harder this year; puzzle two (T's in clues and answers) a bit easier, puzzle 3 (censored tv titles) was fun. For lunch we tried to go to the burger place but it was crowded, so went to PF Chang's instead. Puzzle 4 (literal symbols) went well, and I aced puzzle 5 (passing lanes), puzzle 6 usual relaxing, but that's where I made my mistake this year. I bought a book of Friday crosswords, and Longo's long crossword, and a kid's book mom requested. I didn't do well on the crossword animals game. For dinner our group went to the burger place again with better luck, I sat with Tereza d'andrade as well as Bob Kern and Loren. The evening program included group play of Idiot Test, and a couple testaments to the late Merl Reagle, including a man's touching discussion of a crossword Merl had made for his ill wife, and Wordplay outtakes/raw footage from Patrick Creadon.  No games for me this year.

Sunday I slept terribly, and was up early enough for breakfast with the above, plus Glen (thanks, Dave). Puzzle 7 went smoothly (anagram book titles). Talent show was okay, included a moth-type story about a woman showing her grandfather that she could do crosswords. Tyer Hinman did not make the finals this year. It was Barkin, Plotkin, and Feyer, and Barkin won by a comfortable margin, hooray! And home to a snow-rimed cape.

Proud nerd

Oct. 23rd, 2015 09:51 am
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Sometimes,when I say I am a nerd, people make disbelieving noises. This bugs me, because I am proud to be a nerd. The fact that I hold a responsible job, and do (nerdy) sports, and that I do not look like the Big Bang characters, does not make me less of a nerd.

Nerdy things I have done 2015
Nerdcruise (aka Joco Cruise 5)--including side trip to Arecibo Radio Telescope, nerd knitting circle, winning nerd trivia
Boskone (one night--especially for the trivia contest, did I come in second? and I heard Brother Guy and Joan Slonczewski and others talk about science lab disaster stories. I avoided the major snowstorm however)
Hugo awards--I nominated, and got mad at the Sad Puppies situation, and cheered their comeuppance
Weird Al concert (New Bedford)
Nerds and Music concert--Rothfuss, Paul and Storm, Joel Hodgson (the MST3K guy)
Science Fiction Book CLub

And the crossword contests (ACPT and Lollapuzzoola) are a different flavor of nerdiness, as is my playing curling and watching soccer (go Revs!)  Also trivia, online and at the bars.

ACPT 2015

Mar. 29th, 2015 11:03 pm
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Wow, I really stank this year. I'm going to blame lack of recent puzzling; but I was slower, and there were some that I just couldn't get.

Back to Stamford this year! Easy drive down 95. Mom got to the hotel before me, and gifted me with a Fitbit. We met the CT folks (this year Bob, Dave, and Marion) at the bar, later went to a steak place including Jan and Glenn, but missing Tereza. Then the evening program of crosswords on ipads (team included Mom, Marion, Haley Gold), courtesy of the Museum of Math, and a presentation on the puzzle archiving by champion junior David Steinberg. Wine and cheese, I met up with several old friends, including LLamas Peter and Steve; Robert (Moy); also Brent who wrote a book about remembering people's names. Afterwards I hung out with the gamers, playing Concept with Scott Weiss and Jeopardy with Mike Shenk (third place!).
Nex day puzzles--number one was synonyms for wet blanket; number two was continental divide; number three was distorted city names; number four was 'to a' puns; number five was irrelevant added Bs; number six was reversed company names; and number seven was 'and' spoonerisms. On number two I missed two squares--variant spelling of parchisi, politician's name Thune I hadn't heard; and HERD for HIRE. On number five I struggled with the SE section, uncompleted (ABSTRUSE clues), and number seven it was the SW section, missing DOC of all things, wedging a CREVICE into an ORIFICE. Mom ended up two places ahead of me, good for her.
We went out for chinese food the next night, mostly the same group, and the evening program included a brief film about a palindromist, recap of Dr Fill's performance (many errors but stil damn fast, and he beat me this year), and Patrick Creedon telling stories about Wordplay on its tenth anniversary.
The talent show was mostly songs about crosswords this year, with Merl Regal giving us some wordplay, and a couple happy birthdays to Miriam, not 89 years old. I was able to finish the B clues in 8 minutes; Andrew Feist demolished it in 4. The C finals were close, just seconds apart, and Tyler fell down when he lost to Dan by a half second. Ophira and Pliska did a great job with the commentaries this year. I retrieved my glasses, and went back home.

33%ile, same as my second year 2006. Better next year!
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I went to the police station yesterday, and they'd found my stuff! Most of it, minus Mimi's charm. Including the Olympic Swatch, red/blue broken necklace, some pins, buttons, seashells, Pop's sword, an expired drivers license. Most if it wet (the Toledo pendant may be ruined). In a duffel bag, found by the side of the road. It's all being held in the evidence locker, until they get the results back on the fingerprinting (another month!) and decide if they're charging someone.

I also went to a Toastmaster's meeting this week, rocked for the first half of trivia at Liam Maguire's, learned about marijuana prescribing, and presented my quilts at the Southport quilt weekend at Lynn Vigeant's request.
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I did my Portugal river trip the last week in July, came back the beginning of August. Then the next weekend I went to NYC for Lollapuzzoola. Spent the next weekend on call, went to craft fair; the next weekend won trivia at the curling club (with Diane, Matina, and Levi) and watched the Hugo awards. Robbery.The next weekend went to Washington DC (by Acela) for the big football game, saw most of the Washington cousins and most of the Fontanas. Mom and Dad and I stayed at the Kuehls. Lots of family get together; went to see the new DC memorials.

So far in September--book club; trivia, won twice at BBC in the Heights; Dedham for lectures, going to Primed tomorrow. Finally saw Her, Grand Budapest; last month saw Guardians of the Galaxy, Pacific Rim, Journey of 100 Steps. Signed up for boards. Got my lights all fixed. Said goodbye to Brandy and Steve (going to Mississippi).

Days spent basking on beach this summer: zero. Although I went to watch a few sunsets.
Needing more exercise.
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Lollapuzzoola 7--multiple wrong answers! google tickets!
43rd spot puts me in 25%.

This was the year I flew JetBlue Hyannis to JFK, played boggle and scrabble with Elaine Lippman (who injured her leg last April), and went to the 911 memorial.

Also note that my oriental waterfalls quilt did not win any ribbons at the fair this year.
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Went to Belfast with KB, CstM, CM. Won the first, lost the next two, can't win when no one (including me) can get the weight right; and I miscalled the broom a few times, and Karin has difficulty calling the line. Theme was Fiesta, I won a Chia head in the trivia contest, we left before the pinata. Cape teams got into all three final events (although I think none won). Snow slowed our drive home once again.
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Steve Golder and I went back to the Sandwich BBC Game Dinner last night. We feasted on boar sausage, venison ravioli, whole stuffed quail, ostrich meatloaf (yum), antelope meatballs (double yum), duck taco, guineafowl springroll, civet of hare (aka jugged hare, or cooked with onion), alligator gumbo, rattlesnake and pheasant puffs, duck wontons. The root vegetable were good, the mushroom gnocchi my only loser. Followed by a almond strawberry tart, crunchy, and accompanied by tempranillo wine.
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On Saturday we started off with a ceremony at the Shawnee Prairie Presevr to dedicate twelve maple trees to mom's generation, the Dozen Cousins, the erstwhile Dirty Dozen. These joined the trees previously dedicated to the Magnificent seven, my grandfather and his siblings (Joe, Walter, Otilla, Julia, and Esther). It was a lovely speech by the groundskeeper, followed by short remembrances from the cousins. Afterwards we went into their interpretive center, which had live snakes, bees, and amphibians, and stuffed birds and mammals.  Finally we went to the fair, I was with Mia and Mom, while Amy and Peter went on Bill's guided walk. We saw the baking and vegetation contests in the bottom of the coliseum, and the domestic arts (quilts and needlecraft), ate some fair sandwiches, and then went to watch the horse races. I lost about ten dollars, including a couple photo finishes. Eric's family and Bob's family were there too. I went off and toured the midway and looked at the rides (which weren't that different from Barnstable Co) and had a funnel cake. Eventually we left for the evening's entertainment, dinner and dancing at the Turtle Creek country club. There were more speeches, and cute kids. The bar was open, and the band Dublin was great.

The next morning (Sunday) people drifted home, parents and Eric driving back, Peter hitching a ride with the Steiners to the Cinci airport. I went back to the fair and saw the animal pens and the fine arts, and ate a pork sandwich down by then cattle barns and some sugar waffles. I talked to the spinners and learned what the carcass competition is, and saw a bit of the peewee chicken contest. (We missed the human crowing contest.) Then I went to the Garst Museum, to see the history of Greenville--Tecumseh and the Prophet, Ft Greeneville and Gen Wayne, (not much on the actual Treaty of Greeneville), Lowell Thomas and Annie Oakley. There were 'rooms' set up to display people's antiques, and recreations of old shops (the beauty salon was terrifying, the telescope makers surprising), and a room of unescorted collected farmhouse equipment--old stoves, cider presses, a stagecoach). They made the point that Annie's life was quite different from the fictional versions, that she never lost her hometown roots (despite unspecified abusive upbringing). I drove to Columbus via Bradford, stopping to buy an autographed Scalzi book. At the Fontanas we had a family dinner with the Viaus, Juli, Allison and her fiancé Gabe, and an unrecognizable Carley.

Monday Juli and I went to the Columbus Zoo where she volunteers (and got us in for free, and discounts on food). We saw polar bears being fed, lions, tigers, and bears, a clouded leopard, baby otters and pronghorns, elephants and okapis. Then we went to the watermark Zoombezi Bay and rode the waterslides. Dinner with Linda, Dave, and Allison, then we watched the finale of the Dragon Tattoo movies.

Tuesday Juli and I drove up to Cleveland to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

ACPT 2013

Mar. 11th, 2013 12:16 am
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If only I hadn't missed that one square, I would have gotten 10910 points, and tied my nemesis, Dr Laura Dove!
Maybe next year.
Plus I should do some more Shenk puzzles.
This year, we went to The Book of Mormon, and shoe shopping, and the Museum of Math, and the New York Public Library. Our RP/CT group ate at Henry's End (Phil, Mom, Bob, Wayne, Marion, and Dave, plus the folks at the other table) and Dom and I went to Iron Chef Sushi, and Mom and his parents shared a drink in the bar.
All squares filled in, one slow puzzle (2) and one puzzle wrong (4). And I believe I beat Dr Fill again.
Names to remember--Tereza&Phil, Peter&Debbie, Steve King, Fran Pilon :( Pat/Spanky, Nan&Beth, Loren, Erin, (Terry not there, Mom's friend), Diane and son Will and her constructor husband whose name escapes me. Laura Dove, Jesse. Mrs Sharp, Penelope. Steve Smith still wants to meet Mom.
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Played with MM, Dr D, and AD. Lost one big (to the first event winners), won one big (to the newbie team), lost a close one (to the 2nd event winners and bickerers). But we won overall, since I didn't have to drive in during a snow storm. Knees both aching after all this. Then we lost on Phil's Sunday night team.

Dave and Meghan are in Russia, doing well in the world wheelchair curling championships.

Blizzard two weeks ago. I lost power for 36 hours (97% of the town lost power). The following day the in house temperature got to 51 degrees and I decided that was too cold, ended up holing up with the Benedicts (power, extra bed, and parking space). The GNCC mixed seniors went on as usual at the club.
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Why do doctors make you say ah? How do you breathe for different parts of the exam? Things people never ask, but seem not to know for a medical exam.

Eyes--'follow the finger' Watch my finger, moving just your eyes, not your head. This shows muscle/nerve coordination between the two eyes. It's actually making sure the third, fourth, and sixth cranial nerves are functioning well.  'Focus on a distant point while I shine a light in your eyes'. This checks the second cranial nerve, to be sure that the pupils constrict and dilate normally. Then I may get right in your face, to look at the optic nerve in the retina, aka the blind spot. Since this connects directly to the brain, it can show if there is any unusual pressure in the brain.

Mouth--'say ah'. This lifts the soft palate (the back of the mouth) and allows me to see the tonsils and back of mouth more clearly. Either a yawn or a vocalized 'ah' will open the mouth. Saying 'ng' or some other nasal sound does not do it, and usually means the tongue is up, protecting the back of the mouth (in which case I may pull out a tongue depressor). You can practice this at home, or with the right light (sun in front or behind) in your car's rearview mirror.

Neck--'swallow'  This helps me feel the thyroid, and distinguish it from neck muscles. Yes, it's hard to swallow on command, especially repeatedly.
Also, if the doctor has the stethoscope over your neck, to listen to your arteries or your thyroid, it's a bad time to vocalize anything. The stethoscope is right over the vocal cords, and sounds get extremely magnified, to the point of pain. I've ripped off my stethoscope and thrown it to the ground on occasion when someone says 'what' at that point. Please be kind, be quiet during a throat exam.

Lungs--'deep breaths' To best hear what's going on in the lungs, I like a lot of air flow, and less noise from the nasal passages or vocal cords. This means breathe through the mouth, not the nose, both inhalation and exhalation. And not a slow yoga breath, more of a active breath in and out.

Heart--'breathe regularly' Some doctors want to listen to the lungs in the front, in which case they would ask for another two deep breaths. Otherwise it's on to the heart, and we mostly don't want you to hyperventilate. Yes, it's hard to breathe 'normal' when you are thinking about it.

Abdomen--'deep breath into the abdomen' I remember in choir in middle school, they tried to tell us to breathe into the abdomen when singing, and it was years before I understood what the heck the choirmasters meant. There are two large sets of muscles that you use to breathe--the rib muscles, and the diaphragm (which is the horizontal muscle between the chest and the abdomen). If you move your chest when you breathe, you are using the former, and you feel the air up higher in your lungs. With the diaphragm your stomach moves out a bit, your shoulders stay about the same, and the air goes deep into the bottom of the lungs. It's good for singing because you can get more air in. For abdominal exams, it will push the liver and spleen out a bit from under the protective ribs so we can feel them. You can practice the different types of breathing--put one hand on your breastbone, another on your belly button, and try breathing so one moves, then the other moves.

Hernia exam (men)--'cough' Turn your head to the side, so you don't cough your germs on top of the poor doctor. Either side is okay; you can switch left and right or stay on the same side, the neck position doesn't change the hernia exam. Coughing again pushes on your organs, this time the intestines. If you have a hernia, I can feel the intestines pushing down into the scrotal sac. 'Push like you're having a bowel movement' does the same thing, and can be used to check for hernia in the abdomen or uterine prolapse in the vagina.

Tendon reflexes--hitting the knee with the hammer activates the nerve/muscle pathway in the quadriceps. We're mostly looking that the two sides are equal, and not excessive. Many people have no visible or palpable reaction to the hammer test. We can also check a similar reflex on other tendons, such as the biceps in the elbow, the base of the thumb, or the Achilles behind the heel.

Those are the major ones. Others, like the Babinski test, the Romberg, the Rinne, are more specialized, and instructions are usually given.
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Cameron lesion--an ulcer within a hiatal hernia. Usually asymptomatic, can cause anemia. Caused by ischemia and trauma from diaphragm? Especially seen in large hiatal hernias.
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Gandalf is the one who peed in the carrier, and got so upset that he wouldn't let Dr Mosley examine him. Let him out of his box early.

Radagast was very sedate.

Note that Gandalf had a better view of all the dogs in the waiting room too.
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Stuff I got done today: washed sheets. Ran dishwasher. Finished a book.


Apr. 14th, 2012 08:59 pm
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I found the entries from the 1940 census for both sets of grandparents (and my parents).

Mimi and Pop in Columbus

Grandma and Paul McGreevey in Greenville OH[]=6

Where was I during census years?
1970--in Cleveland, Shaker Heights?--per pere, 19505 Shakerwood Rd, Warrensville Heights, OH (or perhaps Beachwood)
1980--in Atlanta, 3888 Fairfax Ct
1990--in Columbus, Moss Ct? (I don't remember doing the census form)
2000--in North Falmouth, on Grove St (I remember getting the long form)
2010--in Mashpee, at current address (Short form)
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Friday, Day 0, met Juli at airport, no problem x I realized I had forgotten my passport. We went on a Duck Tour and aye at Legal Seafood and fought Boston traffic. 

Day 1, drove back to the Cape for my passport while Juli slept in. We went to Chinatown for lunch and found Juli is not into dim sum. Then we walked through the Commons and Boston Garden. Then off to the airport and flew into Dublin. 

Sunday, Day 2, in Dublin at 6am on two hours sleep. Rented a car, stopped for continental breakfast, too foggy to see Dublin so we went up towards Newgrange although it wouldn't open for two more hours. We tried to drive over to see the Irish sea but got lost on Dundroghsn. Ended up still at Newgrange and napped a bit in the car. Newgrange was cool, there was a nice museum, we took the bus over to the mound. It's 5000 years old, older than the pyramids, and of unknown use. Big stones at the foundations, some with intricate carvings. Topped with mound of smaller stones and grass. In the center is a cramped passageway ending in three alcoves, set up so the sun shines in through the passage on the winter solstice. Then we drove over to Roscommon, stopping to eat in Athlone for a late lunch at the Olive Grove. We got lost on the way to Castlerea, driving through the small town of Glimsk on narrow roads, eventually ending up at the Armcashel B&B run by Rita. 

Monday Day 3. From Castlerea went to Ardcarne Cemetery, which was a little hard to find, and saw the gravestones of the other McGreevy's, all from last century. Then went to Strokesworth House and toured the house, still with its 20th century furnishings and gradually getting repaired, and the Famine Museum. Learned about 19th century peasant life. Fourteen pounds of potatoes a day for food. Fields turning to mush over a day. Then drove to Clifden in Connemara, ate at a nice restaurant in town, the Derry Clare. Staying with Sue at the Sharamore B&B.

Tuesday, Day 4. Had a nice breakfast with fresh caught, fried cod. Went to Kylemore Abbey, which was built in 1850s in a castle style, now given to the Benedictine nuns. Saw a little of the insides of the castle, a nearby mini-church to honor Mitchell Henry's wife, and the formal Victorian gardens. Saw sheep running across the road. Drove through the hills of Connemara.  Stopped on Oughterad at a tiny quilt shop, Rags for Linda, they kept chickens and birds and are running several quilting classes for new quilters. Hit Galway at rush hour. Were awfully close to the B&B, Consilio, when we stopped to ask for directions. Juli's glasses broke :(  went into town for pub food and music, ate at King's Head and listening to acoustic covers by a guitar duo. 

Wednesday, Day 5. Started in Galway on a rainy windy day. Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon for breakfast. Went to the local mall to see if the opticians, SpecSavers, could fix Juli's glasses, but no joy. Drove off to County Clare to see the Cliffs, hoping the rain would halt. Stopped at Dugaire Castle, but could only see the courtyard, the inside was locked. (Learned later that they do Medieval dinners there.)  It was still raining, so we decided to go to the Aillwee Caves to stay dry. We looked at their extensive birds of prey exhibit;  I watched a keeper feed a raven. Went to the cheese shop. Went through the caves, which were nice but not as grand as those in AZ or KY. We had soup and bread at their cafe, and hooray, the rain had stopped!  So we booked it the 28 km to the Cliffs of Moher, which were spectacular but very windy. O'Brien's Tower was closed due to wind. The skies alternated threatening and sunbeams. Cows were grazing in the nearby fields. There were four German boys who ignored the signs to stand on the cliff edge until a guard chased them off. White stuff floated up from below periodically, which may have been frozen sea foam. The waves were crashing against the cliff. We skipped the visitor center to start off to 'our next stop in Ennis. Along the way we passed a herd of cows being directed by two 'cowboys', one mounted atop a bicycle.  My directions were vague and I didn't correctly remember the name of the B&B, but we made it to the Eden Hill House anyways. After relaxing with a cuppa tea we went into town and had a nice dinner at the Poet's Corner.  Finished with some a capella Irish songs. And Fiddler on the Roof and Johnny Cash. 

Thursday, Day 6. At Eden Hill we had a lovely breakfast. I had the full Irish breakfast, Juli an omelet. We chatted with a man from MD/IA who was on his third trip to Ireland about his experiences at B&Bs and looking for old castles. The shower and bedroom were the nicest we had yet seen. Before we left we went to see their show jumping horses in the back stable, and petted their dogs (Lily, a basset;  Barony, a terrier). Then we went off to Bunratty Castle. The castle there was built 15th century by Normans, taken over by Irish, and deserted in the 1700s after a war and some damage. It was restored in the 1950s to its probable historic appearance. There is a surrounding theme park with houses from rural and urban areas, centered around the mid 19th century. We had a quick lunch in the tea room there.  Then off to County Kerry. 

Friday, Day 7. Started at the Ferris Wheel B&B, our least favorite place...little warmth from the host, very isolated.  Breakfast was okay, I had a full Irish breakfast with the black and white puddings. Since three people had now told us that the Dingle Peninsula was nicer than the Ring of Kerry, off we went. Which included a stop at the Sewing Shed quilting shop in Keel, which was much more active than the one in Galway, and with more patterns and kits, although fewer bolts of fabric. We stopped in the town of Dingle to walk the streets and shop a little. We had lunch in a beer garden; fish and chips for Juli, a BLT for me (lots of bacon, wee tomato). We drove down the Slea Head Road, stopped to look at the Blasket Islands, thousand year old beehive huts, a thirteen hundred year old church still standing (Gallarus Oratory), some alarming cliffsides and stretches of flat beaches. We went back along Conors Pass--watch out for sheep grazing by the side of the road, a long curvy stretch of one lane road with some pollutes for oncoming traffic, and a herd of cows being led across the road. We made it to Adare Manor, a large estate built in 1860 as a private residence but turned into a hotel in the 1980s. A lovely three course meal in the fancy dining room. And our trip in Ireland is almost done.
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