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 Too rainy today to go to the BigE.  Hopefully it will be better weather next weekend.  I'm still going if it's lousy weather.  The other activity for next week is the Mancuso quilting exhibit.

Working on 'sashiko inspired quilt', aka my japanese-fabric quilt.  Oh no, my 20" squares of blue aren't enough to form a 21" border.  Fabric shopping will have to ensue.

Things to remember about it may be co-infected with erlichiosis, specifically human monocytic erlichiosis, which may not show up on our labs.  HME would need separate treatment with doxycycline;  which would also treat a co-infection with Lyme, so all the better. 

And, hey, you can treat some of the more obnoxious personality disorders with medications, in particular to help with irritability and impulsive behavior.  Actually all the personality disorders can be obnoxious.
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Yea, I finished!  The sweatshirt jacket has been bound and washed.  I like how it curls up at the raw edges.  I still have to trim off some of the larger clumps of thread, and there is one patch that needs to be tacked down on one side.  I don't think it needs a button.  The size works out well, although the sleeves didn't shrink as much as Debbi thought they would.  It's still too warm to wear it.  The curling quilters should make quite a fashion statement.

In progress:  I'm stitching down the binding on my dragon quilt;  I've attached the binding (but not the hanging sleeve, doh) on my holey quilt and then will stitch it down.  Still waiting on batting and backing fabric for my bed quilt.  So it's time to start on a new quilt.  This will be a wall hanging from the Asian fabrics mag, I can't remember the name but it features sashiko quilting.  I'm using some of the fabrics I got from Japan, and as usual I'm flipping around the color schemes (white large landscape print to red abstract print, especially).  Cutting has commenced.  This will be the first quilt I've done all at home in a while.  Not counting my placemat-sized piece in honor of David Cook.
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Last week I finished the top of my soon-to-be bed quilt.  Unfortunately it's a bit bigger than the standard bedding sizes;  and as my local quilt store is likely closing shop in the near future she didn't have enough fabric for the backing.  So a bit more work to do.  I was talking to a local machine quilter about custom quilting it...let's see, 90" x 120" (roughly) x 0.03cts/in^2 = $325 for quilting.  But it should be nice.


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Hooray, I finished the top for my Kanji quilt!  Now I just have to piece together a back...but it's a super queen, and needs ten yards of fabric.  Of the fabric I liked with anywhere near enough on the bolt, there was only five yards.  And the batting sizes don't come wide enough.  Sigh.  Well, Linda may make one more trip to the fabric warehouse, to hopefully find something that won't be a bear to piece.  Next step--talk to Liz about custom-quilting.  Perhaps waterfalls?  Or peonies?
I also put in the 'label' and the seams on my sweatshirt jacket.

Chatted with Michelle at the bookstore, which was good because my book wasn't in yet.  She's seeing a dearth of good sf, and only a few good fantasy books coming out.  Any good ideas for what the book club should read next month?

Started rereading 'Alleluia Files'.


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