Mar. 26th, 2017

ACPT 2017

Mar. 26th, 2017 10:39 pm
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Exciting finals once again--I paid little attention to the C finals; the B finalists seemed to struggle, and we found out after that they had been given the A level clues. Tyler zoomed through the puzzles but had an error (the first in his finals?) and Dan took the trophy again. Dr Fill came in 10th place this year. I came in 97th! I beat Steve and Laura, and took 6th in New England. Mom did fairly well, 8th best of her age group.

I had one error, this time in the first puzzle. Took the pressure off! Puzzles were MI; lose a T; elements; body parts; recombinant DNA; baseball; companies.

Arrived Friday afternoon; checked in, then found Mom with the CT gang in the bar, we had been given different rooms. Eventually got it figured out. Went for dinner at Cheesecake Factory, then back for the choose-a-puzzle activity (I did diagramless and marching bands puzzles). There was also the 2nd palindrome contest going on.
Day 2 we went off to Chef's diner for breakfast, including shanghaing Glen with us. Crowded room, 620 competing. Pretty standard puzzles; after my error things sailed pretty smoothly (I had a better time with the elements than others, although I stumbled on Mc). Went for lunch with Randy and Claire and others at the burger bar. I was able to get #5's gimmick with about ten minutes left, helped me get the NE section. For dinner the lot of us went to Capital Grille again for an expensive steak dinner. Saturday evening activites were palindromes, Q&A trivia, Manny Nosowsky winning the Merl Reagle memorial. I played some Codenames, ten went off to bed.
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ACPT rankings

05 196/455 43%
06 166/498 33%
07 204/698 29%
08 98/699 14%
09 134/684 19%
10 110/644 17%
11 84/655 12%
12 59/586 10% (from here, pre-adjustment %iles)
13 88/573 15%
14 100/580 17%
15 189/567 33%
16 89/597 15%
17 97/620 15%


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