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ACPT rankings

05 196/455 43%
06 166/498 33%
07 204/698 29%
08 98/699 14%
09 134/684 19%
10 110/644 17%
11 84/655 12%
12 59/586 10% (from here, pre-adjustment %iles)
13 88/573 15%
14 100/580 17%
15 189/567 33%
16 89/597 15%
17 97/620 15%

ACPT 2016

Apr. 4th, 2016 07:38 am
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Placements so far:
05     196/455  43%
06     166/498  33%
07     204/698  29%
08      98/699   14%
09     134/684  19%
10     110/644  17%
11      84/655   12%
12     59/586   10% (from here, pre-adjustment %iles)
13     88/573    15%
14    100/580   17%
15    189/567   33%
16     89/597 15%
Solo again this year, mom electing to stay home and wait for Lollapuzzoola. Several people asked after her, especially Dave and Steve. I drove down Friday afternoon, Friday night the CT group went out for steak dinner (includine Loren Muse Smith now from WV). The Friday night game was an especially good suite from Eric Berlin, an escape room game. Our group (me, Jesse Lanssen, Loren) finished about fourteenth of thirty. (Tyler took first place as a solo). I played Connection on Andy Kravis' team, not much help until the final group (roes!) I was feeling the onset of a cold so didn't stay up too late that night.

Saturday the cold was getting worse. I had breakfast downstairs with Dave and Bob, also Damien Allen. (Thanks, Bob) Puzzle one  was a bit harder this year; puzzle two (T's in clues and answers) a bit easier, puzzle 3 (censored tv titles) was fun. For lunch we tried to go to the burger place but it was crowded, so went to PF Chang's instead. Puzzle 4 (literal symbols) went well, and I aced puzzle 5 (passing lanes), puzzle 6 usual relaxing, but that's where I made my mistake this year. I bought a book of Friday crosswords, and Longo's long crossword, and a kid's book mom requested. I didn't do well on the crossword animals game. For dinner our group went to the burger place again with better luck, I sat with Tereza d'andrade as well as Bob Kern and Loren. The evening program included group play of Idiot Test, and a couple testaments to the late Merl Reagle, including a man's touching discussion of a crossword Merl had made for his ill wife, and Wordplay outtakes/raw footage from Patrick Creadon.  No games for me this year.

Sunday I slept terribly, and was up early enough for breakfast with the above, plus Glen (thanks, Dave). Puzzle 7 went smoothly (anagram book titles). Talent show was okay, included a moth-type story about a woman showing her grandfather that she could do crosswords. Tyer Hinman did not make the finals this year. It was Barkin, Plotkin, and Feyer, and Barkin won by a comfortable margin, hooray! And home to a snow-rimed cape.

ACPT 2015

Mar. 29th, 2015 11:03 pm
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Wow, I really stank this year. I'm going to blame lack of recent puzzling; but I was slower, and there were some that I just couldn't get.

Back to Stamford this year! Easy drive down 95. Mom got to the hotel before me, and gifted me with a Fitbit. We met the CT folks (this year Bob, Dave, and Marion) at the bar, later went to a steak place including Jan and Glenn, but missing Tereza. Then the evening program of crosswords on ipads (team included Mom, Marion, Haley Gold), courtesy of the Museum of Math, and a presentation on the puzzle archiving by champion junior David Steinberg. Wine and cheese, I met up with several old friends, including LLamas Peter and Steve; Robert (Moy); also Brent who wrote a book about remembering people's names. Afterwards I hung out with the gamers, playing Concept with Scott Weiss and Jeopardy with Mike Shenk (third place!).
Nex day puzzles--number one was synonyms for wet blanket; number two was continental divide; number three was distorted city names; number four was 'to a' puns; number five was irrelevant added Bs; number six was reversed company names; and number seven was 'and' spoonerisms. On number two I missed two squares--variant spelling of parchisi, politician's name Thune I hadn't heard; and HERD for HIRE. On number five I struggled with the SE section, uncompleted (ABSTRUSE clues), and number seven it was the SW section, missing DOC of all things, wedging a CREVICE into an ORIFICE. Mom ended up two places ahead of me, good for her.
We went out for chinese food the next night, mostly the same group, and the evening program included a brief film about a palindromist, recap of Dr Fill's performance (many errors but stil damn fast, and he beat me this year), and Patrick Creedon telling stories about Wordplay on its tenth anniversary.
The talent show was mostly songs about crosswords this year, with Merl Regal giving us some wordplay, and a couple happy birthdays to Miriam, not 89 years old. I was able to finish the B clues in 8 minutes; Andrew Feist demolished it in 4. The C finals were close, just seconds apart, and Tyler fell down when he lost to Dan by a half second. Ophira and Pliska did a great job with the commentaries this year. I retrieved my glasses, and went back home.

33%ile, same as my second year 2006. Better next year!

ACPT 2013

Mar. 11th, 2013 12:16 am
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If only I hadn't missed that one square, I would have gotten 10910 points, and tied my nemesis, Dr Laura Dove!
Maybe next year.
Plus I should do some more Shenk puzzles.
This year, we went to The Book of Mormon, and shoe shopping, and the Museum of Math, and the New York Public Library. Our RP/CT group ate at Henry's End (Phil, Mom, Bob, Wayne, Marion, and Dave, plus the folks at the other table) and Dom and I went to Iron Chef Sushi, and Mom and his parents shared a drink in the bar.
All squares filled in, one slow puzzle (2) and one puzzle wrong (4). And I believe I beat Dr Fill again.
Names to remember--Tereza&Phil, Peter&Debbie, Steve King, Fran Pilon :( Pat/Spanky, Nan&Beth, Loren, Erin, (Terry not there, Mom's friend), Diane and son Will and her constructor husband whose name escapes me. Laura Dove, Jesse. Mrs Sharp, Penelope. Steve Smith still wants to meet Mom.

ACPT 2012

Apr. 3rd, 2012 10:46 pm
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A bit of a delayed entry here--I took the day off from work on Thursday 3/15, and drove into Brooklyn. I stopped at the Wareham liquor mart to check out their cider and mead, otherwise straight on in with no major traffic problems. I met Mom at the Marriott.  She had gotten tickets to a play that night, Seminar.  After a little rest we took the subway to the theater district and walked around Times Square a bit, including the M&M store (much better than the Hershey store). There were a lot of people dressed up like cartoon characters, like Spiderman and Elmo. We ate dinner at an Irish restaurant which was okay. On the way to the play we passed the opening of Death of a Salesman; Martin Short was standing outside. We went to our show, which included Alan Rickman and Jerry O'Connell. It was okay, but several of the jokes went over my heard.

The next day, Friday, we ate breakfast in the hotel, then went sightseeing--first to the United Nations. They were ripping up the fancy circle for the official entrance; the visitors entrance was a tent with metal detectors and bag scanners. There were several world art exhibits, including one of quilts/fabric by or for women seeking rights; also pictures of the Japanese tsunami. The pictures of the previous UN Sec Gens were all small rugs done by Iran. We took a tour with a guide and recorders that could be programmed to different languages; we saw the Nobel medal, a Buddhist stupa, and displays on the UNs work with disarmament, freedoms, and development plans, as well as the General Assembly and Security Council rooms. All very dated to the fifties. We went looking for lunch and ended up at a Chinese restaurant with a very international clientele. Then we took a cab to the Rubin Museum of Himalayan art, which I enjoyed but Mom didn't get. It included modern Indian paintings, and lots of buddhist figurines and mandalas. Then back in the subway to the Marriott, where the puzzlers were gathering. For dinner a bunch of us went to an Italian restaurant around the block, Queen (the Mortons closed this year) and we enjoyed a leisurely dinner, some people going back to watch the palindrome competition. After dinner I played a round of Peter Gordon's Celebrity, then we had Bananagrams at the bar.

Saturday was competition day. We went out for breakfast at a diner down the street which was good. Mom found her friend from Reynolds who was  a rookie and shared our room that night. Puzzle 1 was a little tricky, with a letter addition theme. Puzzle 2, Boustrophedon, was more tricky, with alternate rows of clues reading backwards. Puzzle 3 took phrases that started with two initials, such as PR, and added a third, such as CPR. I felt well about the first three and hadn't heard of any errors. We broke for lunch at Panera's, which handled a large lunchtime crowd with good organization. I picked up a couple crossword books, and admired a wreath made of solved puzzles (but underbid the silent auction). Back in the room again, Puzzle 4 was straightforward--movie title mashup, Puzzle 5 put theme answers partially diagonally (easier than usual for #5), and puzzle 6 killed me with its EEW/IEOH crossing. I will not soon forget IM Pei's first names. My only wrong answer the whole weekend. For dinner we went to an Indian restaurant on Montague, Mom and me and her friend (Daphne?).  For the evening entertainment there was a talk by Matt Ginsberg on his crossword solving computer program, which failed on puzzles 2 and 5 but otherwise did fairly well. Then a multipart game from Puzzlenation--I teamed up with Jan O'Sullivan, and we finished about 30th. (Andrew came in second, all by himself).

Sunday came, I was happy with being in the top sixty or so, despite my error (which was fairly common). We had breakfast again at the diner, and went in for Puzzle 7, which was a basic addition puzzle. So I ended up in my desired spot at 10% pretty much exactly. No trophies for us this year--Mom in fifth for age, I in fifth for New England. I did get a button for beating Dr Fill. The finals were good. I theoretically was faster than the third place B finalist. Tyler Hinman again led the pack in accuracy, and Dan Feyer in speed. Then back home again to the Cape, with just a short nap along the way. 

I saw many of the regular crowd there again--Dave, Bob Kerfuffle, Nancy and Beth, Jan, Peter and Robin.  Michael Sharp stopped at our table Friday night at the bar, but was unfortunately too sick with GE the next day for the competition. Brief hellos to Ryan and Brian, Andrew, Robert. I met the other Cape Codder, Ed Foster. Also Laura Dove, a psychiatrist from middle Massachusetts, who finished one place above me in my region--she was very nice, but will have to be my nemesis next year. Steve King was back again, and did a good job in the talent show. I did beat Jan this year, who must have made an error in the final puzzle. I didn't see Roberta, but she did well, as did Peter. Missing this year were Steve Smith and Marion Strauss, due to family issues; also Ulrich and chefBea.

ACPT 2011

Mar. 23rd, 2011 08:19 am
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I went solo this year, for the first time since ~2005, Mom had a meeting in GA she needed to attend (but she says she'll be back next year.)  After spending too long at work, I drove down to NY, stopping in Mystic for a little 5 Guys, sailing through NYC traffic at 11pm to get to the Marriott hotel.  I met my net-found opera-loving roommate from Pittsburgh, Roberta, and zonked out.
The next morning (Friday) we went out to a diner for breakfast together, then I went off to the Metropolitan Museum.  I hit the Egyptian rooms (statues of Pharoahess Hatshepsut and 'visible storage' of lots of beads and findings) and the American Wing (lots of furniture, visible storage of everything, beautiful Tiffany stuff) and grabbed a bite to eat, before dipping into the European wing, deciding I was getting overloaded and went to find the special exhibits--Tibetan prayer rugs (flayed men, to remove ignorance and greed), guitars (including a Strad and an Amati violin), and boxes (etui and puzzle boxes).  Then I went out to Central Park.  The lawns were closed, the croci and daffodils were open, I saw turtles in Turtle Pond, and climbed Belvedere Castle.  Then I went back to Brooklyn.

Placements so far:
05     196/455  43%
06     166/498  33%
07     204/698  29%
08      98/699   14%
09     134/684  19%
10     110/644  17%
11      84/655   12%
(12     59/586   10%, or it was 10% before the readjustments)
(13     88/573    15%)
(14    100/580   17%)
(15    189/567   33%)
(16    89/597 15%)

Back to this past weekend.  On Friday I met up with Dave's group, including Bob, Marion, Nancy and Beth, Sparky, Jeff, and a couple others (including an internist from Floriday).  We went out to Morton's for a lavish steak dinner, which was very nice.  Half of us skipped the evening entertainment (a magician and cryptic crosswords) and just hung out there, then went back and played some Anomia in the lounge.  I also saw my first game of Celebrity there.  Finally hit the hay about eleven.

Saturday morning, up earlyish, I hit my favorite deli (ie within walking distance) for a bagel and caffeine, found a place near the front on the aisle to sit, and went off to do some morning puzzles.  Went back for the usual opening ceremonies, met my seatmate Steve King who was a rookie, also ( I think) George Hyde.  Did pretty well on the first puzzle, but took time to notice the (helpful) theme.  Chatted with Jan O'Sullivan in the hall, and her Millionaire co-player Andy Kravis (9th place for rookies!).  Second puzzle tougher, Brooklyn oriented.    The third puzzle was a Reagle pun-fest.  Afterwards our group from the previous night reconvened to find a Thai place for lunch that one member had fond memories of.  It turned out to be a fair walk, and Beth has bad feet, so we did cabs back to the Marriott.  But the lunch was lovely.  It was the first time Dave had eaten Thai food, although he insisted on the tofu being removed from his pad thai, he enjoyed it.
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I've temporarily stopped duplicating my crossword times here, and am keeping them all on my home computer only;  we'll see if I feel a need to change that.  I'm going to concentrate more this year on getting crosswords right rather than on time.  So far, I'm not writing down (in my list or the other lists) any crossword times if I get something wrong, and next time I finish a crossword book I will go back and count the number I had all correct.  I can record those on my librarything page.  And look for patterns of what I get wrong...did I not read crossing clues?  Not erase a partially incorrect?  Left a space open?  Let's pay attention.

I saw my first post-vaccine shingles case today.  I think it was shingles, it had the right pattern, but he complained of itching rather than pain.  Which means the vaccine is doing its work in attenuating the disease, and preventing PHN.
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Crossword times
   date Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
 8/18/08 3.39 4.17 7.42  9.16 27.24x4 7.53* 29.10x3 
 8/25/08 4.09x1 5.40 6.58x2 14.37 10.52 >60w2 18.14x1
 9/1/08 4.19x1 4.08 6.20 11.13x1 13.26 21.15 16.54
 9/8/08 8.28x3 5.50x1 3.59* 8.41x1 10.46x1 33.47w2 25.47x2
 9/15/08 4.05x1 5.22x1 8.12 10.49 7.42x111.40 22.09x1
 9/22/08 5.15 4.50 9.11 24.20 10hours 15.46 12.49*
 9/29/08 4.00 5.15 7.52x1 7.57  27.2121.30 34.01x1
 10/6/08 6.01 5.47 5.53 9.38 12.26 12.41 37.34x2
 10/13/08 5.00x1 4.26 8.40 9.56 18.35x117.11 21.49
 10/20/08 5.24 6.55 5.53 7.17 34.17x1 21.53 >30, x's
 10/26/08 3.26 6.13x1 6.14 6.34 21.32x2 13.37x1 24.17
 11/3/08 3.22 5.14 6.13 26.36 35.30w2  19.44x1
 11/10/08 3.08* 8.10x1 6.54 6.55 30+w3 15.58x1 32.19x2
 11/17/08 3.25 5.07 14.11 17.07x1 7.24* 31.10x4 35.13x2
11/24/08 3.30 4.56x1 6.34 9.32 12.04x2 26.05w2 30.17x2
12/1/08 3.45 5.01 5.53x110.51w1 16.24 27.15 21.58x3
12/8/08 3.21 4.0911.01s1 13.42w1 15.37w 17.44 19.04
12/15/08 5.59 4.03 7.24x115.31  16.54
12/22/08 5 9.35x1  6.04 xmas 28.16x1 12.36x1 15.26
12/29/08 5.10x1 6.07 5.58 8.00 15.28 20.45w1 19.00x2
1/5/08 3.22 5.59 5.30 7.14 11.40 36.19w2 49.27x3
1/12/09  4.06 3.57 7.42 16.19 20.48x1 29  w217.74
 1/19/08 4.39x1 5.43x1 7.59x1 8.31 9.05 9.43 16.56x1
 1/27/09 4.00 5.04  7.33    

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Here are my times on the online NYT crossword over the past year plus.

                      Mon         Tue        Wed         Thu            Fri                Sat            Sun

7/30/07        4.50        9.05x       16.18x     16.28        27.28x        20:08            34.14
8/6/07          5.33        5.52          7.38        9.06          13.55           20.42x          24.19x
8/13/07        6.02x      6.45x        6.12        7.37           9.32.39x    11.19.30x   
8/19/07        4.48        5.37          6.19        10.37x      17.50
9/3/07                          7.14          6.53        25.08x       18.55          24.03
9/10/07        4.29        6.49          6.01x      10.17x       44.10x       42.06x          19.19
9/17/07        7.23        6.56x                        14.50x       20.35         25.51x          25.12x
9/24/07        6.15x      5.52          9.46        10.30x       2.10.30x    29.16x          19.41
10/1/07        6.13x      4.50          8.24        8.22x         28.20x        46.31x          22.49
10/8/07        5.32        6.05          7.17        17.05         38.59x        23.01x
10/15/07      4.25        4.51          7.03        9.57           1.00.19x
10/22/07      4.37        7.28x        16.34x    8.20x         28.43
10/29/07                      8.53                                                                 20.44            32.34x
11/5/07        4.43        5.11          6.19        7.28          18.57x1       24.57x1        21.42x1
11/12/07      4.25        6.40x1     7.26        10.10        24.59w2      29.23x5        41.18x3
11/19/07      6.38x1    6.05                                                                                        21.20
11/26/07      4.51        5.54          )5.07      20.22x4    18.39w1    x                      16.55x1
12/3/07        5.29x1                      7.56       17.38x1    10.14x1       1.08.30w3    30.21x1
12/10/07      4.43        4.33          18.0x1   32.36x1    12.18x1   
12/17/07      5.0x1      5.01          6.33       15.32x1    24.45x4      37.24w2        17.01
12/24/07                                        7.41x1   15 x1        14.32           2.06.25w10  25.03
12/31/07      4.22        6.49          13.02x1 17.49w2  22.40           28.37
1/6/08          4.26        4.23           8.20x2    7.08         16.11          30.53x1          21.55x3
1/14/08        4.27        5.51x1      6.59        14.08x3   10.29x1      16.17              30+x2
1/20/08        )3.30       4.22          7.40        12.28        25.00w1    29.38x3          20.33x1
1/28/08        4.13        4.18          8.11x1    13.07x1   16.20          14.25               21.21x2
2/4/08          5.30        5.13           8.39        11.02x1   17.12x2      29.00x1          30+x3
2/11/08        5.26        7.33x2      7.42x1    16.01x1                        28.17x2          26.46
2/18/08        4.36        9.25x1      7.02         22.20x1   24.59x4      16.03              20.29x2
*2/26/08                       4.25          7.48        12.49
3/10/08                                                                                                  17.37            24.20
3/17/08        4.34                                            11.41       29.18w3
3/24/08        6.04        6.37          13x            50.16       23.08
3/31/08                        6.56          8.42x1      ?cows      11.17x1     19.34            31.38x2
4/7/08          5.12        7.34x1      5.28          10.40x1   10hrsw9    38.01w5   
4/14/08        3.35        5.06          7.25           8.59x2     nabes?      43.04w6       21.07x2
4/21/08        4.36        4.30          6.16           8.41      
4/28/08                                                                                                  )8.37            19.57
5/5/08          3.34        5.54          5.59           9.03         27.10w2                          33.58w4
5/12/08                        4.29        10.26x1      7.29         8.39.54      15.00           22.13
5/19/08        6 x1        4.50          10.54        12.07       49.15w3     24.48w5
5/26/08        4.05        6.07x1      7.47x1      11.37       19.37x1     20.32            22.15x1
6/2/08          12.51      6.21          13.57x1     8.41x1    22.0x1       25.51x2        )14.35
6/9/08          4.06        8.57w1      6.17x1       )6.24      15.44x1     42.32w4        18.49
6/16/08        4.23x1    )3.46         5.25           7.45x1    tansy         12.21             18.49m1
6/23/08        3.46        4.29           7.03          15.44x1   19.29        25.49x2        18.15
6/30/08        4.51        6.57           8.41x1                                                                 23.31
7/07/08        5.18x1    6.29x2       9.00x1     8.02          19.38       22.50x2         23.14
7/14/08        3.52        6.05           7.47          16.52x2   18.08        19.06x2
7/21/08        4.51x2    5.36x1      9.35x2      7.58          14.05x1   12.21x1        22.47
7/28/08        4.33                                             13.06x1    )9.12        21.02x2        29.26x1
8/4/08          5.09        7.36x1       8.34x1      14.01x2    24.14      15.55            16.30
8/11/08        3.36        4.43           6.10                            19.12x1   20.08x1        22.21x1

x=wrong answers
w=clues googled or wikied
)=best time for that day of the week
ACPT=American Crossword Puzzle Tournament


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